Craft Beer Festival

Step into a world of sonic vibrations and hoppy libations at Zakk Wylde’s BERZERKUS – where the thrill of live music meets the rich flavors of a curated beer festival. Picture yourself sipping on a cold, crisp craft beer while live music from Zoso, Atomic Punks, and The Iron Maidens fill the air in the festival grounds. Cruise by the Car Show to check out the custom rides, and get ready to rock to Black Label Society and Cody Jinks later that night. 


From hoppy IPAs to rich, malty stouts, crisp lagers, and more, there’s a brew for every taste. Learn about the brewing process from local breweries and enjoy a variety of flavors in this chill atmosphere, the perfect way to start the party at BERZERKUS. Join us as we pop the top on a weekend of rock’n’roll!

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